My name is Anthony Besterfield, and this site is an 'on-line' portfolio of the projects I have worked on during my time as a Structural Draughtsman.

I created this website, primarily, as an on-line resume to forward to prospective employers in Australia whilst I was still living in the UK.

I migrated from the UK to Melbourne in November 2007 on a permanent residency visa, (Class BN - Subclass 136, Skilled Independent), where I currently work for one of the larger Melbourne shop detailing companies

I have been a draughtsman for seventeen years, including a four year apprenticeship. I served my apprenticeship with Kvaerner in the oil & gas industry. When the oil & gas industry began to decline I moved over to structural detailing, where I eventually trained on Tekla Structures in 2000.

I have been using Tekla Structures, (Xsteel), software for the major part of my career. Since arriving at my current company I have streamlined the office Tekla Structures system, re-wrote Tekla Structures start-up files to make the system more efficient and tailored the system to better suit our clients requirements. I maintain and keep up-to-date the Tekla Structures system and provide support to the other users in the office in my role as ‘Lead Draftsman – Tekla Structures’.

Projects that I have personally been responsible for include the Frankston Bulky Goods development, (Harvey Norman), the Mangoola coal project, BlueScope ore plant upgrade, Little Lonsdale Street retail development and, my current project, the redevelopment of the NovotelAustralia on Collins’ hotel in Melbourne CBD.

I had worked extensively using Tekla Structures before joining my last UK employer, (T.J. Hazells). At the time I joined Hazells they were entirely Strucad based. I re-trained on Strucad at the Strucad offices in Derby. After two years, and several successful Strucad projects, we purchased three Tekla Structures licenses. I set up the new Tekla system and administered it in the office. As more clients were requiring Tekla Structures to be used on their projects we invested in more licenses and migrated several people from Strucad. At the time I moved we had seven Tekla Structures licenses in full time use.

Whilst working for T.J. Hazells I had the pleasure of being responsible for several large, prestigious projects including Aintree racecourse grandstands and Arsenal football club stadium.

Prior to working for T.J. Hazells I worked for other local drawing offices, working on a variety of projects from nuclear processing plants, warehousing and hotels on Tekla Structured to offshore module upgrade projects on PDMS.

My apprenticeship was in the heavy industry yards of Teesside, where I spent three years rotational training in various departments of a busy offshore module fabrication company. I was with Kvaerner for seven years and worked on several large modules. I originally trained on the drawing boards, before moving into 2d AutoCAD, 3d AutoCAD and ultimately 3d PDMS. Kvaerner’s Teesside yard closed its doors in 1999.

Some of the projects I have been directly responsible for, along with some of the offshore modules I have worked on, can be viewed from the menu on the left.

Thank you for taking the time to view my site, and best regards,

Tony Besterfield.