Kings Waterfront Conference Centre Liverpool

Kings Waterfront - formerly Kings Dock - is part of the Liverpool South Docks system which became redundant in 1972. It covers 14.6 hectares and for some time was the largest undeveloped site in the City Centre. The site is owned by the national regeneration agency English Partnerships.

Since it was reclaimed by the Merseyside Development Corporation in the 1980s the site has been used for car parking and occasional special events. Proposals for retail led development in the 1990s were unsuccessful. Despite this history, it is widely agreed the site has a vitally important role to play in raising the international profile of the City, the Waterfront and Merseyside.

The Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF) for Liverpool City Centre was approved in 2000. It underlined the importance of the waterfront in defining Liverpool's future as a major European city, and its role in the economic regeneration of the city and of Merseyside.

Reflecting the magnificent waterfront location and large scale nature of the site, the SRF proposed the development of a visitor attraction to position Liverpool and Merseyside as a national and international destination for conferences and entertainment.

Initially, a scheme in partnership with Everton Football Club was proposed but did not proceed. A revised development strategy was then agreed and new masterplan commissioned, still consistent with the aim of creating a major waterfront destination combining arena, exhibition and conference facilities.

The visitor destination 'complex' comprises a 10,000 capacity Arena; an auditorium with a capacity of 1,350; a multi-purpose hall of 3,600 sq metres; total exhibition capacity of 7,000 sq metres; and 18 additional meeting rooms.

The Arena has the flexibility to accommodate events from rock and pop concerts to children's entertainment, and from ice shows to international sporting events including tennis, boxing and gymnastics. The Convention Centre has been designed to be extremely flexible, capable of accommodating a wide range of meetings of varying size.

I was one of two draughtsmen responsible for the Conference Centre part of this contract. This was a very complicated structure, as can be seen by some of the node connection snap shots on this page. In the main there were two to three of us working on the contract at any one time, at it's peak we had five draughtsman on this project. We commenced this project in January 2006 and completed it in September 2006, although we do still have one draughtsman working on continuing variations.